the 'Beauty Of giving'


A visual and physical tool encouraging people to donate money as a communal act of altruism, manifesting Deleuze's and Guattari's concept of the 'Rhizome'.


Throwing a coin into a wishing well, clamping a love lock to a bridge, or building a stone tower along a hiking trail, these are all collective rituals: small, inviting acts that have a cumulative effect.

This installation connects such a ritual with an altruistic purpose, visualizing the phrase that "every coin matters", while simultaneously ironizing the culture of the wealthy to buy art and design as investments.

The decentralized construction method references Superorganisms like ant societies, organic growth and new economic possibilities like Bitcoin, as (block)chains gradually appear across the structure.


Spare change can be stuck to a 3D frame with magnets. The coating of coins grows visibly with every donation. When the entire frame is covered, the collected money finances a particular project. As co-creators, we can witness the effect of our donations.

Throwing a coin transforms the individual wish  into a collective one and questions the meaning of what we 'value'.

Photo at Campina Terrain: Nicole Marnati

Model: Pauline Esparon

Video at Dutch Design Week: Marica De Michele

Image of ants: Georgia Tech

Moiré Effect

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