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My hometown Stuttgart is a very ambiguous city.


On the one hand it is known for being populated by people with a very strong sense of cleanliness.

Traditionally every Saturday the trottoir in front of the house has to be cleaned by someone in the house.


On the other hand the air over the city is usually very polluted, since a lot of car industries have their main location here, as well as a lot of beer breweries.

Due to the valley that the city is located in, these fumes stay in the streets.

This contradiction to the usually so rational, clean way of life is reflected in this light.

A recreation of the experience to walk through the streets of Stuttgart.



Research into materials that smell similar to the fumes in the air of the city when burned.

In the end the most interesting material seemed to be the cooked beer, since there was no binding additive necessary.



First research into shapes

The beer slowly bends if you leave it standing upside down for a few days. Especially in warm temperatures.

Adding the

visual aspect of being in Stuttgart:

the valley-landscape


Hanging lamp with flat beerfilm underneath, that slowly bends into shape when hanged up.

The shadows of the landscape printed on the plexiglass cylinder are thrown on a translucent, but not transparent lampshade.

They can be seen as soft contrasts on the lampshade from below.


Hanging lamp with egalizing concrete plate as a screen for  the shadows playing through the lasercutted wooden lampshade. The smell is created through a half-sphere made of paper mache coated with

engine-oil and dry beer.

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