Following a material research into floating foams (see complete research on the right), the main outcomes were developed into an artificial reef urn (see below). The outcomes are as follows:


1. The Casein bioplastic foam is floating on water and dissolves after a few days. The proteins in it might serve as nutrition for marine life, but further research needs to be done.


2. The developed cellular concrete floats on the water until it is completely soaked

bioplastic foam research

concrete foam research

Deployment of artificial reef structures along the Tamil Nadu coastline in India

cellular concrete

bioplastic foam containing the ashes of the deceased

natural wax candles

A floating urn with wax candles and a bioplastic sphere in the middle containing the ash of the deceased.

The elastic foam can be pressed together to fit into the opening in the middle of the structure.

After sinking, the urn becomes an artificial reef.

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