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Poplar fiber is a "waste material", which fills forest paths

in springtime, but is also used as a filling for pillows.

cotton linters + poplar leaves

cotton linters + pine pulp

cotton linters + poplar pulp

poplar pulp + pine pulp

poplar fibers (premixed)

poplar fibers

poplar fibers + pine pulp

poplar fibers + poplar pulp

Research into different mixtures of paper with the goal to create a rigid poplar fiber paper (top).


Research into a origami-tent made from coated poplar fiber paper, due to it's isolating and lightweight properties (bottom).

research into a balloon made OF poplar fiber paper

The species "Black Poplar"

(populus nigra) is considered endangered. Its seeds spread using the fibers as a carrier in the wind.

This balloon made of poplar fiber paper should help in a playful manner to increase the population of the black poplar tree.

This way the natural function of the fibers to carry seeds through the wind is increased through the making of a flying device and a human ritual suddenly has an additional positive effect on the environment.

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