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What creates the value of throwing a coin into a wishing well, adding a love-lock to a bridge or building a stone-tower next to a hike trail? It is the ritual - the action in the community, the contribution to a greater cause. Even if the purpose of throwing a coin into a wishing well might be an individual one, without other people believing in the ritual, it would have never even existed.


What if we could make donation a ritual?

Could we connect the individual purpose of existing rituals with the altruistic purpose of donating?

When we donate, we usually don’t get immediate feedback about what happens with our money, so the feeling of contribution

is less apparent. If the act of giving becomes a financial contribution to a

three-dimensional structure instead - a structure that grows with our contribution - we become co-creators and the financial value of our money also becomes also a symbolic one.


The structure created through the money represents a planned social housing project by a non-profit organization. As soon as the coins enclose the whole structure, the actual building can be realized using this collected money. The visitors of the structure help to “build” the social housing, which may be located at the other end of the world.

An airport is a suitable location, since travelers often arrive with leftovers of currency that they cannot use in their home-country.

Throwing a coin becomes a ritual of “wishing” for the greater good of the global community instead of “wishing” for the individual good.

Video by Marica De Michele

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