A research project with Marvin Unger for the exhibition

'GEO—DESIGN: COVID-19. Travelling without moving.'

Membranes uses mechanisms native to the world of cellular biology as metaphors to analyse social divisions in transition.


Membranes provides an analytical reading of the complexity of human behaviours in an acute crisis situation, the COVID-19 pandemic. The project challenges designed divisions on a variety of scales, highlighting the human need for security in the context of an incomprehensible situation and its instrumentalization for political control.


The metaphor of the biological membrane provides a framework to grasp the problematic, reflecting Timothy Morton’s thoughts on the ‘Hyperobject’.

Across all scales, Membranes are separating, while simultaneously, connecting entities.


Project: Jasper Zehetgruber and Marvin Unger

Visual Effects: Simon Gehring

Audio Consultant: Stephan Schmidt

Voice Over in order of appearance: Elizabeth Balado, Amy Lewis, Zoë Prifti, Ellen Pearson, Emily Aquilina, Tiiu Meiner, Emma Gregoline, Fiona Herrod, Kaiu Meiner, Johanna Schneider

Participants: Colette Aliman with Lauriane Heim, Noemi Biasetton, Colin Keays, Felicity Morris, Tamara Orjola with The Anderen, Clara Ormières with Mathilde Philipponnat, Vincent Thornhill

Geo Design

Publication: Design Academy Eindhoven

Curator: Martina Muzi

Editor: Jeannette Petrik

Graphic Identity and Production: Domitille Debret, Giacomo Nanni

Technical Support: Quentin Creuzet, Niek van Sleeuwen

Communication and PR: Raffaela Vandermühlen, Ilka van Steen

Executive Board DAE: Joseph Grima, Creative Director

Mechtild van den Hombergh, Director of Organisation

Raf de Keninck, Director Education and Research

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