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Starting point: A research into the production of sails

Result: certain types of sailcloth are heatsealable and can therefore be turned into inflatables.

Further research leads to a technology developed at the MIT Media Lab, that allows controlled bending of a sheetmaterial through heatsealing it in certain patterns.


Aeromorph by MIT Media Lab

Heatsealed sailcloth

Architecture expressing (emotional) responses of the government, is a common tool for top-down communication in the 21st century.

Also a facade reacting to climatic changes is a common use of transformative architecture.

... but if we consider architecture as a second skin we build around us, then the skin is not only there to protect us from harsh environments (reacting to external influences), or following what our governing brain wants to express, but it also reacts automatically to our emotions in a way that we cannot influence. What if building skins of the future could do the same?

Expressing the emotions of citizens might sound frightening at first, but if citizens could vote live on their phones how they feel like,

then there is no need to collect potentially private data from them using for example analytical algorithms (RIGHT).


In this way governmental architecture could become not only a top-down communication tool but also a tool to communicate from public to government.

A democratic architecture - shaped by the feelings of the people it represents.

Reference: Emotional Art Stockholm

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